Check Out a Mobile Hotspot at the Library

St. Charles County, Missouri – There’s a device that can change the way you study, communicate, or work from home - and it’s available from the St. Charles City-County Library.

mobile hotspotweb.jpg

Starting in November, customers with a library card can check out a hotspot, a device that connects a tablet, phone, or computer to the internet. A hotspot will allow users to play video games, communicate with friends on social media, or access email and online resources for work or school. Hotspots make it possible for users to access the internet from anywhere that a T-Mobile cell phone signal will reach.

If Library customers are traveling, they can use a hotspot in the car or in a hotel room. If cell phone or tablet owners have a limited data plan, a hotpot from the Library can help them stay on budget during a busy month. If students need to access online textbooks, they can check out a hotspot to connect from home. 

The Library will offer 175 hotspots for checkout. A customer can place a hotspot on hold by searching “hotspot“ in the myLibrary Catalog and using a library card to complete the request. Approximately 50 hotspots will be offered to customers on a first-come, first-served basis at any library branch. 

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